Brevet de Technicien

Field of Study:       

  1. Mécanique Automobile
  2. Fabrication Mécanique
  3. Electrotechnique
  4. Electronique
  5. Bâtiment


François Mitterrand St
Centre de Flacq
Fax No.:  4132938
Email Address:
Contact Person at Sir Guy Forget Polytechnique:  Mr A.Sembhoo, Officer in Charge

Exam Body:  Mauritius Examinations Syndicate

Address:   Réduit, Mauritius
Fax No.:  (230) 4547675
Email Address:
Internet Address:
Month/Period Examination:  March/April
Contact Section at the MES:  Internal Assessment  Section
Course leading to:  Brevet de Technicien

Exam Name : Conservatoire De Musique

Exam Body  : Joint MES/Conservatoire de Musique François Mitterrand

Address      : Avenue Murphy

                    Quatre Bornes

Month/Period Examination: July

School/Centres offering this exam in Mauritius: Conservatoire de Musique François Mitterrand

Contact Section at the MES: Internal Assessment Section

Exam Name: Brevet d’Etat de Cadre Sportif

Exam Body: Joint MES/Ministry of Youth & Sports

Address:      9th Floor, NPF Building

                    Rose Hill

Month/Period Examination: February/May/July

School/Centres offering this exam in Mauritius: Ministry of Youth & Sports

Contact Section: Internal Assessment Section

​​  Subject title Subject title
​  001 ​  Agriculture (Rodrigues)​  253​  Electrical Installation Work
​  002​  Agriculture (Mauritius)​  610  Wood Trades
​  204 ​  Building Maintenance ​  1351  Refrigeration & Air Conditioning
​  1351​ Refrigeration & Air Conditioning ​  2752    Industrial Electronics
​  2753​  Communication Electronics
​  3554 ​  Industrial Machine Maintenance