When can I register for the Cambridge SC/HSC/GCE “O” & “A” Levels October/November Examinations?

​Normally entries are received at the MES during the months of March/April in the year in which the examinations are held. 
If you are a School Candidate you should contact your School to make entries. If you are a private candidate, a press communique will be issued in early March informing you of the exact dates, fees and other details regarding your entries.


When can I register for the Cambridge GCE “O”/“A” Levels May/June Examinations?

​Entries are received at the MES during the months of November/December of the year preceeding the examinations.  
A press communique will be issued in early November informing you of the exact dates, fees and other details regarding your entries.


What are Access arrangements?

​Access arrangements are pre-exam arrangements made on behalf of a candidate with particular needs. For example, the use of a scribe, modified papers or extra time. There are three different groups of access arrangements, each with their own application form and set of deadlines.

How do I apply for access arrangements?

​If you plan to use access arrangements you should follow the instructions issued in our Circulars in the month of April.

What is special consideration?

​Special consideration is a post-exam adjustment made to a candidate’s mark, by an awarding body, to make allowances for any adverse circumstances, for example illness, bereavement, temporary injury or disruption to an exam.

How do I apply for special consideration?

​Candidates must apply for special consideration by stating the reasons for asking for special consideration. They should also submit full justification and supporting evidence.

What should I do to replace a Lost Certificate?

​An original Certificate cannot be replaced.
Instead a Statement of Results will be issued if you have lost your examination results certificate, or need another copy of your results.
A Statement of Results will be accepted by universities and other institutions as proof of your examination results.


How to apply for a Statement of Results?

Application for Statement of Results and Statement of Ranking can be made online on the MES Website at  http://​​​​mes.intnet.mu/English/E-Services​/Pages/default.aspx​​​​

Can I ask someone else to make the application on my behalf ?

​ Yes, the delegated person should submit the following documents :

(i)   A letter of authorisation (from you)
(ii)  Your National Identity Card and
(iii)  His/her National Identity Card.


What are the documents to be produced if the request is made by your parent?

In case you are below the age of 18, you may request your parent to apply on your behalf.
The following original documents are required:
(a) National Identity Card of parent
(b) Your Birth Certificate


Is there a fee to be paid?

​Yes, Please visit our page at http://mes.intnet.mu/English/service/Records%20Unit/Pages/default.aspx for information about fees payable for Statement of Results.


What are the procedures for Verification of Results?

​MES entertains requests from recognised institutions to provide detailed results of a candidate. Such requests for verification of results must be addressed to the Director and a prescribed fee will be charged.


What are the procedures for the Authentication of Copies of Certificates?

​Original certificates should be produced.
Applicants may avail of a certified true copy (photocopy) of the original certificate.

for information about fees payable for Certified True copy. Applicants will be required to fill in the prescribed form.


Statement of Ranking

​​Candidates may avail themselves of Statements of Ranking against payment of a fee: 
(i)   Scholarship Rank Order
(ii)  Mauritius Top 500 Scholarships (for year 2012 onwards)


Who should apply for a Migration Certificate?

Migration Certificates are issued for foreign candidates having taken their Cambridge School Examinations outside of India and require a Migration Certificate to continue their studies in India.

Does Cambridge provide any document for loss of certificates?

​Yes Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE) provides a Certifying Statement which is an official document showing the grades obtained by a candidate in a given examination session.

How to apply for a Certifying Statement of Results from CIE (Cambridge International Examinations)

A candidate/applicant may apply for a Certifying Statement of Results on the Certifying Statement Application Form available at the Records Section of the MES.
(ii) The undermentioned fees will be charged on submission of application form.
CERTIFYING STATEMENT (October 2014 to the end of September 2015) –
A bankdraft for the correct amount in pounds sterling should be drawn in the name of University of Cambridge Local Examination Syndicate (UCLES) for the following:
(i) One Certifying Statement -£37.80
(ii) Despatch by Courrier -£34.15 and
(iii) Administrative Cost (MES) – Rs695 – to be paid at the Finance Counter in cash.


How to apply for a Migration Certificate?

​Applications for Migration Certificate should be made through the relevant school.

Can a candidate ask for other information on a certificate to be changed?

​CAIE offers the service of issuing a replacement Certificate within 18 months of the date the original certificate is issued.  
A fee is charged per certificate plus the cost to send the certificate by courier.

School Candidate
Applications for Replacement Certificate should be made through the relevant school.
(i)        For replacement certificate applications, you must include the original certificate.
(ii)       For name or date of birth amendments, you should include a photocopy of a relevant form of identification which shows the candidate’s name and date of birth in English at the time of the examination. Acceptable forms of identification are:
• a photocopy of the candidate’s birth certificate
• a photocopy of the appropriate pages of the candidate’s passport
Private Candidate
Applications for Replacement Certificate should be made through the MES.
Candidate should produce the original Certificate and original birth certificate or  the appropriate pages of the candidate’s passport

​ If you would like to receive a Certifying Statement, please complete the application form.

The form explains what you need to do before a Certifying statement is despatched either directly to you or to  any public institution. The Certifying statement shows all grades,except “UNGRADED”,’NO RESULT”, “PENDING” or “TO BE ISSUED” results,obtained by the candidate at a single examination series.

Where can I find Syllabuses, Past Papers, Marks Schemes and Reports?

Syllabuses, Past Papers, Marks Schemes and Reports can be downloaded on the MES Website at  http://mes.intnet.mu/English/Examinations/Pages/default.aspx​​​

When/where can I get my results?

​SC/GCE ‘O’ Level results for the October/November examinations will be available online by the end of January. Schools and candidates will have access to their results by using their respective login details.

HSC/GCE ‘A’ Level results for the October/November examinations will be available after the proclamation of laureates early in February.


I have lost the username and password for the Candidates Results website. Can you issue them to me directly?

​Login details for the Candidates Results website are issued by Cambridge to Schools. If you were not issued with login details or have lost them, please contact the Officer in Charge of your School. Private candidates must contact the IT Section of the MES.

I have received X on Result/No Result/Pending, what does this mean?

​For each qualification these indicate that a result cannot be issued because of absence for the whole or part of the examination in the syllabus or because of a decision not to issue a result for some other reason.

The Rector of your school or Officers of the CES of MES will be able to provide advice and guidance on your examination results.


How do I submit an enquiry about results?

​​Soon after the release of results MES will issue Circulars concerning “Enquiries about Results”. These contain all details regarding the procedures for enquiries about results, the fees payable etc…

When will certificates be issued?

​For the October/November Examinations, Certificates will be received at MES by the end of April in the following year and will be sent to Schools early in May. School candidates may contact their schools to receive their certificates. Private candidates will receive their certificates by registered post

For the June Examinations, Certificates will be received at MES by Mid October in the same year and will be sent to candidates in early November of the sane year.

What are scholarships?

​Scholarship is a system where the best candidates are rewarded. The costs of further studies are undertaken fully or partly by the appropriate authorities.

How and when can I apply for scholarships?

​To apply for scholarships you have to fill in the appropriate forms. These forms will be issued to your schools in March of every year. The application forms should be submitted to the Rector of your school not later than the fifteenth day of May.


Who can compete for scholarships?

​Any Candidate who shall not have completed his twentieth year on the first day of July .

·         Any Candidate who has obtained at least credit in English Language and five other subjects at the SC/GCE Examinations.
·         The subject combinations are as per Appendix II – Regulation 24(5)


Is a competing candidate allowed to enter for Carry Forward Option?

​No. Competing Candidates are not allowed to enter for Carry Forward Option

How many subjects a competing candidate can enter for examination?

​A competing candidate can only enter for five subjects as follows: General Paper; three subjects at Principal Level and one subject at Subsidiary Level.

Who supervise the examinations?

​Normally Educators of Secondary Schools/Colleges act as Supervisors.

How and when can I apply for supervision?

​MES conducts surveys inviting Educators to submit their applications. Appointment is based on experience, qualifications and merit.

My son/daughter is in Standard V. Can he /she take the CPE Examinations this year?

​Someone who is willing to sit for the CPE need to satisfy the following criteria according to the Education Act 1957and the MES regulations
1) Has 6 years of schooling,
2) Is in standard VI

Are CPE Exams past papers available on the web? If yes, how will I get access to them?

​CPE past papers are available on the web. 
Kindly consult MES website.on http://mes.intnet.mu

Can private candidates enter for CPE Examinations?

​There is no restriction for someone who is 13 years old or above.

Candidates below the age of 13 on 1 January following the last CPE examination may be entered for the examination on producing evidence of having taken the examination previously as a school candidate.


How can a private candidate enter for the CPE Examinations?

​Private candidates need to call in person at the National Examinations Section (ex. CPE section) during working hours, along with the following documents:
1) Birth Certificate,
2) One photo or Bus Pass.

What are the entry requirements for CPE examinations?

​Candidates taking the examination must enter for the 5 compulsory subjects and may enter for not more than one optional subject.

Are marks available for the CPE Examinations?

​It is not the policy of the MES to disclose marks. Grades are available ranging from A+ to E. For details, consult the Annual Programme (Regulations) available on the web.

My child has a medical problem, does the MES provide facilities?

​For candidates having an impairment such as, eye problems, MES provide special consideration to these candidates.  A  medical certificate supporting the request is needed.

When are timetables issued to candidates?

​The timetable which includes detailed instructions are issued to candidates about 3 weeks before the examination.

I have lost my CPE certificate. Can I get a duplicate?

​Duplicate certificates are not available.  However, a Statement of Results may be obtained at the Records Section, on application.